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What Makes Us Different?

Getting paid to do what you love PLUS uniquely amazing perks combined with your expertise - that is what makes Carver Hotel Group (CHG) different, and frankly, superior in the hotel industry.

CHG offers its consultants incentives like no other.

  • Banking Discounts - Free checking, mortgage and auto loans.
  • Payments - Bi-weekly direct deposits for fees and expense reimbursements - in REAL TIME!
  • Raymond James - Financial, retirement planning
  • Referral Programs - Client and consultant referrals.
  • Travel Scheduling - All travel plans in house. Frequent flyer miles. 24-7 Travel Support 800#. Plus, we work with you on convenient departure and arrival times.
  • Direct Communications - Personal, direct access to our CHG Support System.
  • Fee Scale - CHG has one of the most aggressive compensation programs in the industry.
  • Consistent Workload - Limited lag time between assignments
  • Large Client Base - Allows for more positions in Sales and Operations.

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