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What makes Carver-Wynn better?

Carver-Wynn Workforce Development (CWD) is focused on actively engaging local business through industry advisory boards, internships, apprenticeships, and student mentee and mentor programs. We ensure pertinent organizations are involved with curriculum development and programs. Hospitality professionals are a critical to us providing trained skilled workers for our clients. Our training programs are designed to reflect the skills required by employers and the overall industry.

Working with industry partners to share ideas and best practices is vital to the success for the organization and the student. CWD understands that employers want a steady supply of qualified workers; while job seekers want to be assured that there will be employment for them at the end of their certification training.

Our instructor reinforce to students that they must view their educations as a job. We encourage a hands-on philosophy through internships and apprenticeship training. Real-life scenarios and details such as dress codes, work ethics, schedules, time management, and other guidelines are included to help prepare students for success in the workplace.


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