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Committed to changing the way we serve in the hospitality industry.

As a training provider for those serving in the industry, we focus on our “three Ps of caring”:

• People • Purpose • Passion

This means that when it comes to training, we know we must first connect to the person. Then through brand affirmation, we connect trainees with their purpose, which in return strengthens their passion to serve.

Contract Labor

Every hotel needs help. The real question is, what type of help is needed, and when? Carver World Temps, a subsidiary of Carver Hotel Group, has a singular focus. To provide Housekeepers and Food & Beverage Contract Staffing to hotels struggling to keep these positions filled.

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Task Force

An empty seat in your hotel potentially means lost revenue. Our contract professionals eliminate the risk with their expertise and immediate proactive efforts. Depending on your need, our professionals are available for time frames from two weeks to six months.

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