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As a subsidiary of the Carver Hotel Group, Carver-Olson Executive Search is in a unique position to offer more dynamic options than your traditional Executive Search!

We know that an empty seat in your hotel or on your corporate team potentially means lost revenue and lower guest service scores. Our contract professionals eliminate that risk with their expertise and immediate pro-active efforts. Depending on your need, our Task Force Consultants are available for time frames from two weeks to six months, and can often be available as quickly as tomorrow!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Task Force?

Task Force Consulting is a temporary solution to assist hotels and hotel management companies fill open sales operations positions in a quick, cost effective manner.

When is Task Force needed?

Task Force Consultants are needed when turnover or staffing voids arise as a result of hotel or resort management changes, maternity/medical leave, hotel openings, hotel takeovers, or as additional staffing for a short period of time.

What is the cost involved?

The cost for Task Force commensurate with the hotel tier, position and consultant's level of experience. Travel expenses are outlined in the Carver Hotel Group (CHG) Task Force Agreement. Some of the expenses included are airfare, ground transportation, meals, Internet access, car rental and dry cleaning.

What is the Task Force Consultant's level of experience?

Our Task Force consultants come with a minimu of five years experience in limited service, full-service, independent, resort and convention hotels. Most have worked all hospitality brands and have automated sales and PMS systems. i.e. CI/TY, ISAC, Envision, SAles Pro, Delphi, SFA, Opera, ONQ, Light speed, Galaxy, Maestro, and more.

How long do I have to commit?

The minimum committment for placement of a Task Force Consultant is typically three to four weeks with the option to extend in two-week intervals follwing the last week of the contract.

What are the benefits of using Task Force?

Few hotels can afford a void in top line acticity, as it can quickly threaten the revenue stream and profitiability of your operation. Task Force adds value for our hotel partners by allowing the property ample time to find a permanent candidate with qualified credentials to fill the vacan position.

Do I have input on which consultant is chosen for my property?

Based on your request, CHG chooses two to three qualified candidates for your consideration. You are then given the opportunity to review and conduct telephone interview with the qualified candidates and CHG staff.

Are Task Force consultants located in my market or do they travel?

CHG works to locate a qualified consultant within your region to optimize travel expenses. When a consultant is not available close to you, our travel team researches the best available fights to keep costs low with your bottom line.

Who should I contact?

For a Task Force Consultant or to submit a resume please contact Jay Shaughnessy at #404-418-7508 or by email

You can contact CHG's Task Force division at (404) 254-3130 or via email

"Task to Perm"

In addition, combining the expertise of Carver-Olson Hospitality Search with the power of Carver Hotel Group Task Force organization, we can offer "Task To Perm", allowing you to have your need filled tomorrow, and moving that person to a permanent assignment, at a cost lower than traditional Executive Search.

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